Replication or Duplication, all Quality

We use only the highest quality ingredients to cook up your dream disc. Our CD suppliers are the magicians here, they duplicate(with CD masters made by us) and replicate (with glass masters made in Italy) in-house.

What's the difference? Duplication is when we burn your master files onto a blank disc, then our suppliers at the CD factory use that physical master CD and copy it on to many other blank CDs. Those CDs are then printed (thermal digital or screenprint, dependant on the volume) and recieve a screen printed varnish to help the print stand out and last. The CDs that we use are guaranteed not to scratch or smudge on the print surface, they also have the lowest failure rate of any disc on the market. No, but seriously? Ja bru, dead serious; this is one of the factors that give us the confidence to guarantee our work.

Replication is when we create a DDP image of your CD master files, then we mail it, via our CD suppliers to Italy where they make a glass master, and courier it back to the factory. The factory then replicates your order from that glass master. Replicating is done by a big machine that manufactures the CD around your information. A bunch of raw materials, go in one side, your glass master provides the information in the middle and replicated CDs come out of the other side. All replicated discs are screen printed and varnished.

Once you have created your masterpiece, you call us, we then help make sure that your tunes are registered and protected with relevant bodies - SAMRO, CAPASSO and RiSA. We then make sure that your music is in the highest quality (.WAV od AIF is required) master form, and that the disc’s graphic’s match the specs of our printers — nobody wants their “Brilliant Pink” album to come out as their “Mildly Disappointing Orange/Red” album — and send it off. Not long after, your good-looking, fully loaded CDs are ready to be packaged, shipped and gloated about.

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