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Let's Get Physical...

Physical publications are the most powerful marketing tool for any band. They provide the tangible feel that is lost in today's digital release culture. Unfortunately, the costs and complexities involved often result in most artists and independent labels being priced out of the industry before they've even started.

As artists, we know how much love and care you’ve invested in your music. We know how badly you want your physical publications to represent the blood, sweat and tears you poured into it. We have all seen and heard the horror stories of albums that don’t play properly, fade and smudge or arrive looking nothing like you designed them, not to mention illegal duplicated music with no copyright protection. 

We are here to prevent that, not only will we guide you through the process to ensure that your work is represented as well as it possibly can be; we will also assist with registration (SAMRO, CAPASSO and RISA), pre-print graphic optimisation, advise in making an effective release strategy; and most importantly, distribution and selling plans to ensure that your music is sold and heard all over South Africa. Essentially, we provide the services usually only available to artists signed to labels; allowing you to effectively create, protect and distribute your music.

The first format that we’re working with is CD because it is by far the most affordable to create and most widely compatible with local consumers. We provide fully duplicated (or replicated), printed and licensed CDs via our printing partners, as well as a full range of disc packaging options, Sleeves, Eco-wallets and Digipaks. The best part is that we do it for cheaper, in press runs of as little as 10.

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How Do We Do It?

Well, it's very simple, we work along the idea of trying to get maximum bang for the buck. Working closely with our partners we’re able to package their expert services while maintaining a discount that we can pass on to you. We will provide all or some of the service to match your budget and give you maximum control over you music. Remember, with Burning Groove the artist always comes first, your release should be as effective as possible!

DIY (Do It Yourself), this is where you come in. If you want to save bucks or add a personalised trinket to your album (or enjoy craft activities); we will ship your flat packed (unconstructed) packaging plus spindles of published discs, promotional inserts, packaging and added accessories to you. You and your bandmates then spend an evening assembling them; folding, glueing (and laughing) - even plastic sleeves are available to seal your quality album. BAM just like magic - you have published your latest album, and can actually afford to sell it for a profit. Heck, with these options why do just the latest album? Publish ‘em all, the back catalogue is calling!


We also offer ADFY (Already Done For You) option for those artists that would rather not faff about with glue and rulers. This is where we assemble the album packaging for you, slip in your mint CDs and seal them off. Obviously, it adds a few days to the turnaround time and the prices, but they’re still cheaper than industry standard, and our workmanship is guaranteed.



Our business model is designed to give as many artists as possible access to the buying power within the SA industry and increase it’s size, while making sure that artists can make money that they can re-invest; how’s about that tour you wanted to do? Or the followup album that you’re having wet-dreams about? We accept orders from as little as 10 units. Game changer, neh?


Remember physical publications leave a lasting, tangible impression; bridging the gap between digital download and live performance. They are an expression of your art and a source of funding. Don’t be the fool, use their power.