The Show Must Go On!


COVID-19 and the related near-worldwide lockdown has left a lot of us in the music industry scrambling to make ends meet and keep rollin'. We're not going to take it lying down.

For more details on our products please get in touch with us, or call any of our Sales Reps. We'll give you advice, assure you and your business are compliant, and reduce your risk of infection. 

Our Sales Team is made up of out-of-work creatives, they're ready for your call and keen to make you a special deal! To get hold of them, find their number below or address an email to them; sales.burninggroove@gmailcom


Retail Customers

If you own or run a retail company or Shop, we'll sell our products to you at up to 50% discount, that way you can protect you and your staff, while making money

Contact your Sales Rep for more info!

Subscription ricing

Let's face it,we're going to need Sanitizers and various other consumables for at least the next 6 months. By signing up for a subscription, we'll deliver your monthly supplies with discounts of up to 35%! 

Contact your Sales Rep for more info!


Treveshan Pather - 083 650 0272

Roelof van Tonder - 071 670 4313

Gert van der Merwe - 073 654 5630

Finn MacKinnon - 083 267 5126

We are based in Gauteng, all of our products (except highly flammable Sanitizers) are available for nation-wide shipping!

But Aren't you a Music Company?

Like many companies, we've diversified to include PPEs in our catalogue; for two very good reasons. Firstly, The COVID-19 Lockdown left us without any income. Secondly, we're hard at work (backstage) developing a suite of tech tools that will help Artists, Managers and Publishers to easily manage all of their copyrights and associated royalties. We're Still a MUSIC COMPANY!

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