The Groove; It's on the Move!

Let’s cut right to the chase. Often the hardest part of being an artist is getting your artwork to the right audience. You have created your carefully crafted album, gone through all the efforts of having it recorded and published… and what now? Where to from here?

Well, let us tell you! Firstly, we’ve set up our pricing so that the artist can afford to publish in small quantities, more regularly, to avoid holding unsold stock. This allows artists to sell their work for 80% and 100% profit, meaning that each sale represents real financial return. We are also continuously expanding our distribution network; online and in physical outlets.

Burning Groove’s distribution system functions like an ever growing spider web. What this means is that we offer distribution to our Local Selling Points (LSPs - starting in Gauteng and moving country wide soon) as well as promotion to the international market and sync deals. Our business and based on the developing trends in the local and international industry, we focus on holding smaller quantities of stock in more places - and places relevant to your music. We have recommended retail prices (between R60 and R150 per album, depending on length, popularity, etc) to encourage more music buying from the public.

What are these Local Selling Points we hear you ask? They can be any local retail outlet. A hair salon, supermarket, music equipment store or your favorite local meeting place. The list is ever growing! Burning groove will have recognizable stands in these LSPs that will safely house and sell your music. If your music fits… it can get there, right to the enthusiasts that will love it the most. ​

How are we different? We are a company designed to work with independent musicians, labels, and groups. This means that we don’t want you to sign any of your copyrights to anyone, you should own your music, so we work on a subscription basis, for a monthly fee we will stock the shelves, manage the stock, provide security and promote your music. You split the profit with the shop, we take nothing (you'll never receive less than 80%), ensuring you the highest possible earnings per sale.

It’s as simple as that!

How do we charge?

How do we charge, how do you earn? We charge a fee to stock the shelves with your music - R200 if we made your albums, R400 if we didn’t; this is because we use manufacturing income to subsidise distribution, to make it as affordable as possible. We will stock up to 100 albums at a time.


If you sell between if you sell between 2 and 5 albums per month, you pay us a R50 service and admin fee (for everything, NOT per album). If you sell 5 albums or more we charge a 5% service and admin fee. If you one album or less, there is no need to pay us anything; if you're not earning, how can we? Restocking the shelves costs half of the initial stocking fee because repeat customers should get 50% off, (i.e. if we made your albums, it will cost only R100 to stock another  100 albums).


In return, we manage your stock, provide security and promote your music. You split the sale income with the shop, (15% to the retailer, 85% to you); this means you should earn around 80% of all sales prices, ensuring you the highest possible earnings per sale.

It’s as simple as that!

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