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Classic and Affordable. More play less pay.

This is it, GENESIS! In the beginning (1910-ish), albums were wrapped in sleeves, just like these. They are sturdy and simple, this makes them last for generations. They are also compact, 5mm thick at most, we also offer the standard size (12.5x12.5cm), making them the go anywhere do anything type of album.

Get (pay!) your visual artist buddy to rustle up some banging artwork, A bold front and back cover are all that are called for here. Maybe you like animations, maybe a group shot, maybe you forgot to organise it and went bossies with Paint ’95 (abstract, m'china). It doesn’t matter to us, we will make it look immaculate on crisp 300gsm coated paper — as always, custom jobs are accommodated — maybe you want to use your favorite paper, no hard feelings here!



More Space, More Visual, More Audio, More Album.

We know how much blood, sweat and love you put into your music. Sometimes just a front and back cover just aren't enough space to tell your story. Maybe you want to release a double album  - more disc, more tunes! Heck, you and your friends might want to release a split album, share the costs AND the reach. We totally get it, your album should be a show of your expression, this traditional gatefold style will allow you to shout about it!

Eco-Wallets are just like gatefold covers, they are 100% cardboard. Much more compact than traditional CD cases and are extremely durable. You can have these stacked anywhere on tour with absolutely none of that cracking plastic nightmare. In the 4-Panel, your bold front and back cover are supported by TWO inside panels on which to go totally arty-farty and express yourself. The 6-Panel has THREE inside panels AND an extra one on the outside. 

"YOH, ja no hey, options!". Well yes, Many options in fact; both the 4 and 6-panel can each hold at least TWO CDs plus some inserts, there are a plethora of ways to mount your discs and inserts inside, from full pockets to creative angled or wavy slits, even use your disc's imagery by completely cutting sections out - we dig going custom and making jaw-dropping products. We’re here for you so bring your ideas, and our partners in the printing game will bring them to life on our standard crisp 350gsm coated paper, or another of your choice; perhaps 100% recycled eco-friendly cardboard?



These Mean Business, Do You Mean Business?

Digipaks are fast becoming the new industry standard for major labels and almost everyone else with a budget. We thought we should change the sentence structure, why not make them suit ANY budget? With our durable cardboard backing and premium scratch proof plastic trays, we create professional quality products coming in below our competitor’s prices, quite simply because we believe YOU should have the freedom to represent your work the way you want to.

Viva David VIVA! Down Goliath DOWN!

Our Digipacks are gatefold covers, they're like Eco-Wallets, except they have a durable 5-7mm spine and a disc tray inside to hold your beloved freshly minted CDs. They feel solid in your hand and are hugely more durable than their Jewel case ancestors. Just like the Eco-Wallets, the 4-Panel pairs your bold front and back cover with TWO inside panels on which to go totally arty-farty and express yourself. The 6-Panel has THREE inside panels AND an extra one on the outside. 

What if you want to stand out from the outstanding? Quite simple really; there are a bazillion and one ways to customise our digipaks, they're big 'n bold, the disc's artwork stands out, loud and proud. our transparent trays allow your inside panel artwork to go undisturbed. And our transparent paper cement means there are zero glue lines. Whatever you choose, our partners in the printing game will bring them to life on our standard 350gsm coated paper, or another of your choice; perhaps 100% recycled LEKKER eco-friendly cardboard?


More Info

Most of it is relativly relavent

Our printing process has certain technical requirements on the part of the artwork. These will be outlined in a document with some other details we'll be needing as our process of making your album together takes off. If haven't got anyone in the know-how visually/technically on your side, worry not! Either we'll put you in touch with the perfect artist for your vision, or we'll make sure your design works with our requirements.

When your album covers come out of the printer, they're on big bits of paper, we cut away all straight edges with a guillotine and score all of the folding lines. We do this to make sure your albums fold smoothly without cracking or tearing, we want it to look good and last for donkey's years, just like you do! 

Depending on how much of the construction work you’d like us to do; we will flat pack your album covers and wrap ‘em up nice and safe with your duplicated discs, accessories and required tools and ship ‘em to you (DIY). Alternatively, we will cut the details and angles out, fold, glue, press, and insert the discs and promotional material, before finally slipping them into plastic sleeves and boxing; by hand, with love (ADFY). Naturally, this will cost a little bit more, our workforce is made up of musicians and artists, they are just like you and have to eat!

There is only one thing left to do, SHOUT ABOUT IT! The work is done so have some fun, give one to your granny, sell them to your fans, trade them with other musicians, send them to radio stations, distribution agencies, promoters or labels. Ride the wave, man. It’s outta SIGHT!

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