Introducing Tjoon

Copyright Management & Education

Tjoon is a platform that brings free education and tech tools to help South Africa’s independent musicians manage their copyrights and careers, and earn royalties from their music.

It's a beautiful collab between music and tech.

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Copyright Management Platform

Burning Groove has teamed up with Fox and Miller - a boutique tech development agency.

Together we're creating a continental-first digital platform that allows you, the rights holder, to manage your copyrights and make the most of your royalties.

Register works and individuals with CMOs (like SAMRO), collect the maximum amount of royalties from them and take control of your career, all from inside one platform.

Our Aim is to make it as easy as possible for independent musicians, groups, publishers, labels and copyright holders of all kinds, to manage their copyrights and metadata, and collect their royalties.

Due for commercial release in May/June 2021, sign up now as an early user or a beta tester and find more information at .



"Inclusive, good-quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies." - Desmond Tutu

We agree. In addition to software for independent music professionals to manage their copyrights, we're launching a free EduTainment hub.

Learn what copyrights actually are, which ones you own and how to make money from them. Learn who pays royalties, how they get to rights holders and how to get your share.

Through a combination of masterclasses, study guides and instructional videos; we're trying to level the playing field in the music industries through knowledge empowerment.

The release of our first content, a comprehensive course on Copyrights, was in December 2020. Head over to to sign up for free.


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We've launched a new company called Tjoon, alongside the amazing Fox + Miller.  It's a music tech and education company.


We're extremely excited to be kicking it off with a whole whack of free copyright education. Click Here learn more.


Keep an eye on to gain access to our first educational videos, study guide and masterclasses; all designed to inform musicians about their copyrights.

These events and the content were made possible by Music in Africa Live, The Goethe Institute, Siemens and Germany's Federal Foreign Office.